why reTREAT?

WE ALL need to find a safe space away from the many things that make us feel 'stuck', 'disconnected', 'overwhelmed' and 'devastated'.


We long for our own deep essence and an exquisite inner adventure to unconditional self love, truth, a sense of what it means to have a powerful presence and feel deep alignment with all that is sacred.


Individually or collectively, we ALL need sanctuary from the pandemic negative mass conditioning, expectation and judgement...

so we have created such a space... Where you and yours will feel the presence of Inspired Mentors dedicated to your Journey... to realise and nurture the best in YOU so that YOU are able to bring this best to a world that waits.

Real (re)TREATS to look forward to...

Coming in 2018

Awakening The Emerald Tiger


Embracing The Golden Dolphin


Freeing The Indigo Butterfly


Empowering The White Wolf (Advanced)


Early bird discounts until 15.07.2017 are: 2 Adults @ R7400 / 1Adult & 1Child @ R6400. Normal Rates :  R3880 per Adult / R2980 per Child / R6500 1Parent & 1Child Special       Need To Budget?  Another Option would be to Make a deposit of 1100 per person attending in order to confirm booking with the remainder of the normal rate payable by 25.08.2017.

We have added visuals of recommended accommodation in

Scarborough and surrounds at the bottom of this page...


Our Wholistic ReTREAT Themes


Awakening The Emerald Tiger reTREAT - Meet The Earth Within!

2018 Scarborough, Cape

Incarnating into a physical experience as an empowered Being should be sacred but… life happens and we get in our own way.


Accept our   invitation to journey through the safety of abundant forests of   your   very own presence to… awaken to and experience the very best in   your self…   while we hold space for your deepest longings and   greatest life   adventures.






Healing Earth Journey


Physical Body Awareness



Restored Vitality & Real Wellness


Embracing The Golden Dolphin reTREAT - Meet The Water Within!

6-8 October 2017 Scarborough Cape

Self Love and self Acceptance are vital to alignment, healing, wholeness and sacred life flow… the essence of all that you serve is an an ocean of powerful depths….  Accept our invitation to experience and develop profound tides of truth by embracing your primordeal nurturer and trusting the ripples of your very own consciousness…


Join us in elements of surrender and release, restoring your inner connectedness and replenishing your sacred essence…




HealingWater Journey


Emotional Body Awareness 



Release, Surrender & Forgiveness


Freeing The Indigo Butterfly reTREAT - Meet The Sky Within!

2018 Scarborough Cape

The limitless intellect of the Indigo Soul is attentive, formidable,   sensitive and genius… to be mutlidimensional and Omni creative   requires stillness in the midst of demands and attunement to the power of presence…


Harness  Your innate Wisdom and Accept our invitation  to empower and  deliver the best of yourself into this world…  Join us in elements of clarity and intuitive resonance, emancipating your joy and celebrating your brilliance…





Healing Air Journey



Mind Body Awareness



Clarity,Wisdom & Creativity

Empowering The White Wolf reTREAT (ADVANCED) - Meet The Fire Within!

2018 Scarborough Cape SA

Healer, Teacher, Alchemist, Mentor, Pathfinder, Elder…

Accept our   invitation  to edify all that you are…


You Alone, are many… the Pioneers   and Visionaries…. the Gamechangers.


Give yourself the sacred space to   dream new dreams and fill your powerful vortex with abundant   potential, revitalise every fibre of your being and find the momentum   that renders you unstoppable…


Join us in a weekend  beyond all imaginings where your every moment is a co-creative Soul   celebration…


R4230 per Adult over 14 Yrs

R2980 per Child under 14 Yrs

R  720 per Infant under 3 Yrs




Sacred Fire Journey


Spirit Body Integration



Sacred Insight,  Rebirthed Inspiration, Vision Questing & Right of Passage




Recommended Accommodation in Scarborough & Surrounds...

Please call Barry on 0834757373 if you should need any assistance with securing the right accommodation for your needs and budget. Sharing is also possible.